SandBox Logistics

RockPile Energy Services has partnered with Sandbox Logistics to provide state of the art innovations to it’s clients.  Sandbox Logistics is developing a new way to transport proppant, and working with RockPile to commercialize the development.   The Sandbox product i sa metal crate capable of holding 46,000 pounds of proppant.  Sandbox is easily transported and unloaded in a few short minutes.  Instead of the current method of transfering sand four or five times, the sand can now be loaded at the mine and taken directly to the transported to the well site.  This is a low cost solution to eliminate a tedious, time consuming process and can effectively eliminate the need for traditional sand mover equipment.

Sandbox is not only a cost effective and logistical improvement for the proppant logistic industry, it is also environmentally friendly.  This development will almost eliminate dust and degradation and it saves on well site space. It also has less trucking requirements  so it cuts down on emissions.   Please review the Sandbox photos to learn more or visit the website for Sandbox Logistics